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Islambuzz Network provider confuse

on Tue Jun 02, 2015 2:59 am
Islambuzz nework provider confuse is a powerful program that facilitates you to use your network without cost.
How is this possible?
Everything is possible.
This application is designed to confuse the network provider by telling or showing them that you are offline while you are online so that the service cannot cost you money.

What is islambuzz network provider confuse?
Islambuzz Network provider confuse is a powerful program that confuses your network provider in order you to use the network without cost. It shows your network provider that you are offline(not connected to the internet) while you are online(connected to the internet), so that the network provider can not cost you money.
Be aware that this action is illegal.
It is simple to use, just follow these steps
1.    1. Run the application


2.   Fill the blank taps:
                    i.        Write the service name eg Hormuud telecom

3.   Enter the SIM number that you are using eg 0711421391 (don’t use the “+”)

4.   Enter the PIN code of the SIM that you are using eg 736512

5.   Enter the IP number, this is optional, if you don’t want just leave it blank.

6.   Enter the anti-aware code, this code will use to prevent the network provider from getting aware that you are confusing her. NB: you must use at least hacking character.

7.   Then click START CONFUSING!

to download click the link below

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