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FaceBook Hacker Builder(FBHB)

on Sat Oct 17, 2015 12:18 am
Why do you like to get the personal data(like facebook massages) of your friends? Because of these:
1.       To know whether  your girl/boyfriend is cheating you.
2.       To know what your friend is hiding from you.
3.       To know what your son/daughter is doing.
4.       To show your friends the power you have.
5.       Also to revenge.
Do you have its power?
Do you wish to get that power?
Have you ever tried to get that power?
Everyone can answer these questions by oral but not by action.
Yes, you have its power!
Yes, you wish!
Yes, you have tried but failed!
Facebook is one of the most popular social network.
Everyone uses.
Everyone likes to get his friends’ facebook data.
1.       Can you get  facebook data of your girl/boyfriend directly?
No, you can’t get.
2.       So how can you get that data?
There  are several sites who *h**a**c**k* facebook accounts for you. But unfortunately they have surveys.
There are some applications that can really *h**a**c**k* facebook accounts but they also have surveys.
What remaining is that, PHISHING?
Phishing was the simplest way of hacking facebook accounts, but these newly updated antiviruses and browsers detect and block.
No way of hacking facebook account!
The only remaining way is our experience. How? You can unlock what has been locked.
People say, “Where there is a will there is a way.” This is true.  Still we are willing that we can *h**a**c**k*, so there is way we can *h**a**c**k*.
Phishing was the simplest way and it was locked. Now, can you unlock?
Yes, you can. If browsers and antiviruses block your phishing page, then can they block your phishing application?
They use their experience and we use our experience, who will win? Just watch!
FBHB is an application that Builds Hacking application for you.
No programming, No coding and No more time required.
You can create your own application to *h**a**c**k* your victim.
You can build your application with any language.
No surveys, No annoying nags, No purchase (totally free), No limited feature, 24/7 online support.

 By using this application you can create:
1.       Facebook Hacking application
2.       Full help for your application.
3.       Installer builder. This installer builder is already built by the developers of this application for you, so you don’t have to create or download. Also this installer builder is a normal installer builder, use for any application.
4.       Full standalone application.
5.       Auto email password sending.

1.       Two methods to build your app-Simple and Advanced modes
2.       Hacking application creation
3.       Installer builder
4.       Locker(to protect your application)
5.       Full offline Help
6.       Auto emailing with victim password
7.       24/7 online support
8.       Monthly update

You don't have to be programmer, No coding required.
However this method is bit harder than SIMPLE MODE.


This method is easier than Advanced mode
Just you are editing application that the developer coded for you.

To get help click "F1" or help on the toolbar



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