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KßZ ►☻◄ ƒøяυλ⁄(-тєαм мємвєя
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How to get most Bot application Source codes

on Fri Jan 08, 2016 1:10 pm
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We all use bot applications and other .Net applications, but we are out of their world

because we don't know how to program(create) them.
We can learn but we need sources that shorten the time to learn which otherwise

would have be too long. fortunately, there are good programmers who give you their

sources freely so you can learn easily, but what about those who don't want you to

be like them?

How can we overcome this situation?
The only way we can take to overcome this hard situation is only to break into their

applications to get their sources.

Here i gonna to show you how we can break into their .Net applications (like bots)

with out any programmatic efforts. 
There are some applications that edit most applications but they don't give the

But the application i wanna share with you does not edit the application but gets and

generates the source codes of the application.
This application only works with .Net applications that were created using C#

(Csharp) and VB. This application cannot get the sources of application that was

created with C++, Java, Delphi and Pyhon.

All Bot Coders (Nimbuzz and related) use C# and vb Languages to create bot

applications,  because these languages are .Net application Programming Software.

Also C# and Vb languages are So close to C programming language and they also

easier that C and other programming languages(Delphi, Python, Java etc).

Let me not long the talking, Below is how you are going to break into these cruel

programmers' .Net applications (Like bot applications) without having any

programming language knowledge.

See and follow my steps and Guidances. Here I am using .Net application Source

code viewer.

1. First Download This application and Install into your computer.
2. Launch the application and click "BROWSE" button.

3. Find the *.EXE file you want to veiw its Source code(The application should be
created only with either C# or VB).
-If you  want to edit *.DLL file of the application, click the combo box at right side 

of the search file edit box, and click ".Net DLL (*.dll)"

4. You will see All codes displayed according to their category for easing.

C# screenshot(With codes i get from this application)

Download from the links below


KßZ ►☻◄ ƒøяυλ⁄(-мємвєя
KßZ ►☻◄ ƒøяυλ⁄(-мємвєя
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Re: How to get most Bot application Source codes

on Sat Jan 09, 2016 12:51 am
tx bro nice post Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile
KßZ ►☻◄ ƒøяυλ⁄(-мємвєя
KßZ ►☻◄ ƒøяυλ⁄(-мємвєя
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Re: How to get most Bot application Source codes

on Sat Jan 09, 2016 6:35 am

i Feel Proud To be Pakistani

ChoxA@nC foR Any Help.. 

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Re: How to get most Bot application Source codes

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